Clothing Items for children ages Newborn to 11yrs           Clothing Items for Teens and Adults

Canned and Non-Perishable Food Items                                               Baby Food and Formula


Shoes                                                                    Sleeping Bags                                                    Blankets

Sheets                                                                   Backpacks/Duffel Bags/Towels                 Deoderant

Razors                                                                  Hand Soap                                                          Shampoo

Lotion                                                                   Chapstick/Lip Balm                                         Toothbrushes

Sunscreen                                                           Plastic Bags                                                        Feminine Hygiene Items

 And when we prove those Mayans wrong on December 22st 2012, The Rocket Crew will be taking all Survivor Supply Items to the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope and The Child Crisis Center.  Have fun with the End and give back to our community!

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2015 Springfest Pics

2015 Springfest Pics