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Jack Lutz

Jack Lutz

Born in El Paso, Texas to a gambler and jewelery store owner, Jack became enthralled with radio at a young age while listening to his mother’s favorite programs such as “The Shadow and The Saint” on his old family radio that he still has to this day. While announcing high school football games, Jack befriended a local radio reporter and soon began reporting high school football games himself on a.m. radio. It wasn’t long before Jack and his chops were added to the f.m. side. It was safe to say Jack found his calling at an early age!

Mr. Lutz took a break from radio and decided to travel the states becoming a road gambler, living in his car and sleeping in casino lobbies waiting for the next big poker game. That “job” lasted about 3 years before Jack met KC Counts through a mutual friend. After a few drinks and some bad karaoke singing (on Jacks part), he decided to “come out of retirement” and join the rest of the 101 Gold family. The best part of his day is hijacking the night train and playing the best music in the world from 7pm to 12am on 101 Gold!

In his spare time, you can catch Jack at the movies, the comic book store, some random independent film he’s in, or hanging out with his dog Georgia. Email or stalk him on facebook. Either way, Jack loves to interact with all 101 Gold Listeners!


Lemme tell you something, I have VAST experience being a hypocrite, ask anyone here at the station. Its honestly how I win my arguments! The thing is, Im honest about it. I will stand by my own bull%$#@ until the bitter end. A fault? maybe.

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With the holiday coming up and some of us getting out and enjoying ourselves I figured Id share with you something else that I may get %&*# for.

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I may get &^%$ for this is a feature I do on my Facebook page. Its where I tell you things you wouldnt normally know about me, sometimes stuff you wouldnt want to know.

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So another week is in the books, have you been keeping up the good work? Im hoping you have been. I just wanted to check in on you guys to see if there is any progress. Remember, ya gotta stick with it. On the days when you’re doing your chest work out you CAN switch from time to time from incline bench to flat bench. I recommend that you do alternate that every so often. If by chance you’re interested and wanna hop on board the power body building training here once again is my training program!

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Crap, Shannon found my secret hideout place. A place where Im completely alone (while Stripper Rob tucks me in) and I can just hit dream streak. Well no more!! Thank you Mr. Shannon Ellis for spoiling the one good thing I had going at work!!!


People say is the best dating website out there. I say WRONG!!! the best dating website out there without a doubt is Facebook. Provided you have friends, and then your friends introduce you to their friends and the snowball gets bigger and bigger. Im not gonna lie, before I met my future wife I trolled and stalked both Myspace and Facebook (actually I used the Rockets Myspace) to uuuh, I guess the kids still call it “hook up”,with poor unsuspecting females.

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So this week I’ve been lonely. Very Lonely. Matter of fact, I have been so damn lonely that I want you to come find me. All this week I will be out and about in the mornings and its your job to come find me….

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You ever have one of those days where you just cant seem to get anything going? I mean mentally, physically, and spiritually? Seriously, today is one of those days. Hell, I’m even having trouble deciding where I wanna take this blog. My point is, sometimes you get so damn stressed out or so burned out that you HAVE to take a day off. We call them “mental health” days. I think I’m having one of those days, Oh, and I have a 102 fever today so thats not fun either. We all as humans have to take a break from time to time, sometimes that break has to be forced.


To tell you the truth though I get pissed off when I see others go on vacation. This is gonna sound really bad but whenever someone goes on vacation, I actually sit back and judge that person myself to see if they really deserve that break. Ok, I’m really sounding like a jerk now but back to what I was talking about; I completely respect and understand when some has to take a day off just to recharge their batteries. Otherwise that person may one day show up and do something drastic, maybe even violent. We all come across that point and if you dont, you’re damn liar. Do yourself a favor, if you’re feeling the way I do right now, take a day off. You’ll thank yourself when you show up the next day more refreshed.

Its been a week since I posted the workout material. How are you feeling? Have you been lifting to the letter? I just wanted to check in and tell you a few things that you need to know now you got the ball rolling on our 12 week regime. One, your body is gonna start craving food….so EAT!!! If you find yourself eating more than 4 times a day thats good!! remember you have your cardio at the end of the day!!! In some workout camps you will hear professionals tell you that you should up you caloric intake. I have mine set at close to 4000 calories a day, but thats for me. Im looking to add a lot of muscle mass to my frame. Some of you would never dream of getting your daily caloric intake that high and thats ok. Find yourself a healthy median. With this program you can get that lean look as well. Again it all adds up to how many calories youre putting into your system.
I recommend you use the my fitness pal app on your smart phone. You can carry it with you where ever you go and you can scan certain food items to see whats good for you and whats not. Keep up with the program. I promise you will see results. Remember, we’re doing this Together!!!!









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