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‘Sup With Van Halen…

Friday, May 18th, 2012 by

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I love Van Halen. More of a Hagar fan but Roth grew on me. But to be honest, the song Panama was what did it for me. Driving around one day in high school, in LA, and the song came on Pirate Radio. I heard the song before, lots of times, but for some reason, I never LISTENED to the song. This time I did. And it was that song that hooked me.

But still, despite the fact that Panama was a Roth jam, I got into the Hagar version of Van Halen more. But Roth grew on me and I can dig both versions of Van Halen these days.

As for the Gary Cherone era, we won’t go there. Kinda like how Van Halen *forgot* about that version on their greatest hits package that came out not long after.

Imagine my excitment when I found out that Van Halen was stopping at the Haskins Center on September 11th. The Rocket was gearing up for a Free Ticket Friday and I hoping to score a photo pass to shoot one of my favorite bands. I mean, I hold ’em up there with Slaughter!

Ha… just kidding.

And then the press release showed up. It said VAN HALEN-POSTPONED.


WTF?? Did they cancel or is it really just postponed? Rumors of the band not getting along start surfacing.

But it looks like we’re finally getting some answers. Word on the street (TMZ) is that they’re just tired. Burned out.

According to TMZ and a source close to the band, “They want to make sure their concerts are not a routine … they want every performance to be special” and that rumors of a feud between Eddie and Roth are BS.

Maybe the not most satisfying of answers, but at least we got some.

And we’ll let you know when we hear about the new date…

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