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Free RHCP, Serj Tankian, and Girls Girls Girls…

Monday, April 2nd, 2012 by

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Yes, I said Free. One of most favoritest words. Comp is another favorite but I don’t get too many of those (unless the pit boss is feeling sorry for me when I’m laying down in the fetal position on a casino floor crying. Then it’s usually just to get me the hell off the floor).

Why did I mention free? I’ll get to that after the jump…


So, if you head to the Red Hot Chili Peppers website, you can snag yourself a 5 song EP, all for FREE! Click on this here link and it’ll take you straight to the page.

You’ll get “Look Around”, “Dani California”, “Monarchy of Roses”, “If You Have to Ask”, and “Give it Away” from their European tour last year.

You a Serj Tankian fan? Serj’s working on his next album. In fact, it’s just about done. “Harakiri” will be his third solo effort. Keep an eye out for it ’cause he plans on having it out by this summer.

Get this… he’s doing the whole thing by himself. Drums, guitars, bass, engineering, etc. Dude’s got some talent. Me? I barely have enough talent to play the stereo, let alone multiple instruments.

Crüe fans, here’s another reason to go to Vegas (as if legalized prostitution in neighboring counties wasn’t enough)…

Vince Neil’s Girls Girls Girls.

Like ’em on Facebook.

Watch the commercial…

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