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shshshsA recent survey conducted by UK-based video on demand service Blinkbox has named odd coupleOzzy Osbourne and Lady Gaga the two artists with the hardest lyrics to understand. Citing the survey, the UK’s The Independent reports, “Many Brits believed…Ozzy’s lyric ‘Off the rails on a crazy train’ was misheard as ‘Off the rails on a gravy train,’” while “the line in Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ was ‘Poke her face.’” Other lines that made the mush-mouthed top 10 include Queen’s “Kicking your cat all over the place” from “We Will Rock You,” Bon Jovi’s “It doesn’t make a difference if we’re naked or not” from “Livin’ On a Prayer,” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Excuse me while I kiss this guy” from “Purple Haze.”

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foofighters(1-1397838479)From VH1 Radio Networks:

The Foo Fighters have been working on their latest album and producer Butch Vig has given an update on how it’s going.  Butch told Kerrang magazine, “We’ve been recording at some different locations, but we’re almost halfway done with the recording and it’s going well.”  He went on to describe the music, saying, “It sounds different – we’ve thrown a few things into the mix, in the recording process, that are going to give the record a different sound and a different feel.”  

Read more at Butch has been working with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl since Grohl’s days as Nirvana’s drummer.  The band’s last album was 2011’s Wasting Light, which Vig also produced.


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From VH1 Radio Networks:

The Pretty Reckless(1-1397759316)The Pretty Reckless have found success with their latest album, Going to Hell, and its hit single “Heaven Knows.”  In fact, almost five-million people have watched the video for that song on the band’s official YouTube page.  It turns out, if the band had their way and more resources, there would’ve been a lot more than just a video for the record.  GuitaristBen Phillips and singer Taylor Momsen explained.

 “(Ben) Taylor usually has a whole visual concept of everything on the record so she wants to make… like this was… (Taylor) I had like a film (Ben) There was a film intent on this but, there was an idea anyway, so the video is kind of a breakdown of a film idea she had.  You know, it’s already hard enough to make a record and get it out there and do all that stuff and to make a movie along with it, unless you have innumerous resources, so I’m not saying it can’t happen or it’s not going to happen, but it is difficult.”

For now, the band is focusing on their upcoming summer shows.  Get all their dates at Taylor has acting experience, most recently starring in Gossip Girl, but has said she will no longer be acting and will focus only on music.  Would you like to see a movie made out of Going to Hell?

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From VH1 Radio Network:

mark tremonti(1-1397758930) (1)Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti turns the big 4-O on Friday (4/18).  It turns out that Mark isn’t just a rocker, he’s a romantic too.  Tremonti told us about how he made his wedding all the more memorable for his wife by writing a song just for her.   Mark probably won’t ever release his wedding song, but he’s working on some new solo material with his band Tremonti.

Meanwhile, Alter Bridge are touring for the summer and you can get all their dates

 Mark was born in Michigan and raised there and in Illinois before moving to Florida at age 15.  It was in Florida where he would meet Scott Stapp, who he’d form Creed with. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

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Amaro Winery: Justin Thompson and Gabrielle Lousie (7-10 p.m., free)

Chililtos (Foothills): Travis Manning (7-9 p.m., free)

De La Vega’s: Derrick Harris (9 p.m., free, 21+ after 10 p.m.)

El Patio: March of Dimes Benefit concert featuring Vox Vendetta and Never too Late (9 p.m., $3, 21+)

Emilia’s on the Plaza: Rick Hernandez (6-8 p.m., free)

The Game Sports Bar and Grill: Chris Baker (7-11 p.m., free)

Hurricane Alley: Captain Jookie (10 p.m., $5, 21+) Continue reading

maynard james keenan(1-1397668081)From VH1 Radio Networks:

Today (4/17), Tool singer Maynard James Keenan turns 50 years old.  And he’s reflecting on it all. During his lifetime, he’s made some very impactful music, but he doesn’t feel like he’s changed anyone’s life.    These days, Maynard is working on new music with Tool that will likely go on to be the soundtrack to more people’s lives.  Stay up to date at In the early ‘80s, Maynard was inspired by Bill Murray’s performance in the 1981 comedyStripes and joined the Army hoping the G.I. Bill would fund his dream of attending art school. Do you think music has changed your life or just been the soundtrack to it?

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